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The Commons is a community of ceramic and textile sculptures that inhabit a fluid betweenness. In their nature, they’re queer; almost figurative, but then suddenly not at all, glimmering and haphazard, difficult to locate - but somehow easy to feel. Brought together on a patchworked Gingham, a ubiquitous pattern found wherever a community gathers - Jansen’s works ask questions about care and subjectivity - in every direction. The sculptures seem to look back at you looking at them, a relationship is insinuated, an invitation is made to linger at the periphery of a delicate ecology of care. The Commons is the first in a series of  “ground works,” installations that play with scale and ask us to look curiously downward.

The Commons

D A T E : 2021

M A T E R I A L S : Clay, glaze, underglaze, 18k white/yellow gold,

mother of pearl, fiber, wood

D I M E N S I O N S  : D 16' x W 8.5'

The Commons Ak Jansen
The Commons Ak Jansen
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